Me: my son is so tiny i must have the tiniest son in the world

Doctor: this is a regular sized baby, i don’t think you understand how babies work

Me: I love my tiny son



Do y’all know how fucking sad this makes me? leave people alone. This literally made me cry. FUCKING LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE?! I hate this world. Too fucked up, even for me

you guys!!!!!!! this turned out to be a nice story for once!!!!! so many people were saying nice things about her that she ended up makin an instagram just to see them!!!


lots of pressure on Sunny right now


So every morning I get off the train and start my 20 minute walk to work, and there’s this guy who’s always like 3 steps ahead of me and always beats me to the street corner bc I get stopped by the light and he passes it. but today I was ahead of him for the first time and he RUNS in front of me, turns around and goes “I’ve been winning for 2 months now, can’t stop now, have a good day, see you tomorrow.”  tmrw I swear i’m wearing running shoes to work. 


i dont need a valentine i need 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism


me introducing myself on the first day of school:



is this a threat


Went to the Chinese garden in Portland and almost cried because it was so pretty

"Working with Crystal is awesome. She’s a professional, she’s everything you would want an actress to be!"



AMERICAN HORROR STORY MEME: [1/4] funny/happy moments

american horror story blog


Under the cut there are ## HQ gifs of Dylan O’Brien from The Internship. None of these gifs are mine, and all of them have the correct HTML for roleplaying. I’m sorry ahead of time for any repeats. Enjoy!


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> Dylan O’brien gif hunt <
Part two

Under the cut, you will be able to find ### small, textless gifs of the awesomely great actor, Dylan O’brien. All of these are in a high quality, no repeats hopefully. However, if you manage to find some, I apologize. None of these…

for-tmblr-not-for-narnia: Could I please have some cute chihuahuas? I can't find any >w<'


Here are some cute chihuahuas cosplaying Sailor Moon. Have a great day!